Why It Is Advisable That You Take Photos of Your Plumbing Installations

Plumbing problems can be quite tricky and could stress you out even before you break out the soldering torch and basin wrenches. Even before you start performing any major plumbing repair or installation, it is important that you, first of all, know the layout and location of pipes behind your walls. Unless you’ve got x-ray vision, identifying where your plumbing configuration is can be challenging. However, you could save yourself a lot of time, money and aggravation with one very simple trick the next your renovating or building a home – and that is taking digital photos of your plumbing installations.

The Importance of a Plumbing Photo Shoot

People tend to take photos of their home’s exterior, or the home’s … read full article

Safely Hooking Up a Washing Machine

A new washing machine might be a bit expensive, put it is a worthwhile investment. When purchasing a new model, you’ll be able to take advantage of its more efficient operation and improved performance. Of course, before enjoying your brand new piece of washing technology, you’ll have to hook up your machine to a water source. Don’t worry, though – on many cases, depending on your household’s plumbing layout, hooking up the machine can be quite an easy procedure, which won’t require you to hire a plumber.

Save Cash By Being Your Own Plumber

When you purchase your new washing machine, the vendor might offer to install it for you. In most cases, however, this comes with a price, and … read full article

Plumbing Leaks and How Much They Can Cost

If you’re struggling with a plumbing leak in your home, it is time to address them. Even a small leak will add up over time – some families spend as much as a hundred dollars yearly on water that either gets wasted down the drain, or leaks into the home promoting growth of mildew and mold. Keep reading if you’re interested on learning more about the amount of water Americans waste every day, and how you can put a stop to this.

What Can You Do With 90 Gallons Each Day?

Plumbing leaks can occur for a wide variety of reasons – due to decaying old pipes, cracked seals in the plumbing installations, constant high water pressure or more abrupt … read full article

Leftover Packing Material Can Really Save You Money

Cooling your home can be one of the highest expenses that you have. All too often, the easiest way to reduce these costs is also the most overlooked. This, of course, is ensuring that your windows are properly insulated. Now one option to get the best insulation possible, is to spend quite a large amount of money supping up your window quality in order to keep air from leaking out around them. If you would like to save a pretty hefty penny though, there is a DIY method that you can use that is nearly as effective and will cost you significantly less money. This method uses bubble wrap and water (see furnace-repair-edmonton.ca). Continue reading below to discover exactly … read full article